Milwaukee 6509-31 12 Amp Sawzall

The 6509-31 Sawzall accomplishes solid reducing power along with 12 amps of engine power and blade pace which is more than 10 % quicker compared to competitors from 3000 SPM. Its 1-1/8″ blade stroke fits more advanced reciprocating saws. With this particular saw, you may reduce with full confidence about the most difficult supplies underneath the toughest problems.

Milwaukee 6509-31

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The best Features

  • Milwaukie’s trademarked QUIK-LOK blade throw benefits quick, single-handed blade modifications with no resources.
  • The pivoting shoe adapts to any area and is essential about secure, precise dive slashes.
  • About ergonomics and comfort and ease, this is unparalleled within its course. Its vibration-free procedure decreases exhaustion and places much more power exactly where you want to buy: in the blade.
  • Milwaukie’s counterweight system accomplishes sleek, precise slashes along with much less put on about the owner.
  • It’s no-slip padded hold additional decreases vibration and raises manage.
  • Milwaukie saws are well-known for his or her sturdiness and high-quality building.
  • These people are designed to final years. This particular saw’s equipment set up clutch system additional improves their status about dependability.
  • High-impact causes, for example, blade lock-ups, are soaked up totally through the clutch system, which considerably stretches the life span from the generate teaching.
  • The Milwaukee 6509-31 package consists of the saw and travel case. Rotor blades are offered individually.
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My Review

  • The Milwaukee 6509-31 offers difficult competitors to entry-level, top quality reciprocating saws like the DeWalt DW304PK. Presently there are distinguishing elements nevertheless in between individuals saws form cost.
  • The Milwaukee’s 12 amps of power are reputable. However, it might be much more power compared to require every day.
  • The DeWalt’s 4-position clamp might not obtain utilized frequently, however, in restricted or even blocked circumstances, you will discover this essential.
  • You perform acquire some good functions within the Milwaukee about a bit more cash.
  • The blade clutch system enhances the life span from the saw and raises owner security.
  • Particularly if you carry out reducing work which final a lot more than half an hour, the anti-vibration technologies is essential and increases the reducing power of the reciprocating saw.
  • The steel entire body is the brand style of Milwaukie saws and will increase its feeling of high quality apart from having the ability to dissolve warmth much better than plastic material.

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The pros of it

  • As being a Sawzall, the 6509-22 utilizes Milwaukee’s QUICK-LOK blade preservation system.
  • To alter the blade the consumer must turn the blade preservation diamond ring in the suggestion from the saw and maintain this on view placement
  • Using the additional hands he or her requirements take away the aged blade and place the new one.
  • Merely allowing proceeds from the preservation diamond ring hair the blade in position.
  • No resources are required. The entire blade alters procedure can be achieved within mere seconds when the alternative blade is nearby.
  • Just about all aspects of the QUICK-LOK system are made from steel. I anticipate the very first blade alter to visit because efficiently since the 1000th.
  • The 6509-22 may just attach the blade in one alignment; vertically good entire body from the saw.
  • A tooth from the blade may stage possibly upwards or even downwards. Presently there is not a way to regulate the position from the cut.


This particular is the reciprocating saw which is targeted squarely in the mid-range marketplace along with some severe functions which lengthen self-confidence within the Milwaukie Organization and also the Sawzall manufacturer.

If you are a significant DIYer that looks for high quality, however, are less than prepared to cover the industrial saw, this particular device is a fantastic choice.