What is a Reciprocating Saw Used For ?

house. If you are searching for a powerful tool that can cut through most of the things that you will be working on, it is the reciprocating saw that you are searching for. The reciprocating saw is a tool that you can use to do remodeling work. It can cut through dry wall and pipes. It has a lot of uses so it is considered to be essential by a lot of people who loving doing DIY. What is a reciprocating saw used for? You will learn more about that later on. Of course, there are different brands and models of reciprocating saws that are available in the market right now so making a choice will be a bit complicated.
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You can research about these different brands and models ahead of time and once you find the right one for you, then you can already plan the projects that you are going to do. Just remember that before you can use your reciprocating saw, there is a need for you to have the right tools and equipment that will keep you safe. Safety for working is always necessary but often overlooked because people are too focused on finishing the tasks that they are sent out to do. Do not disregard your safety. These are some items that you need to keep you safe:

 Safety Glasses – Since you are going to be cutting through various materials that are hard, there is a big chance that there are some parts of the item that you are cutting that will be cut into pieces.
 Proper Blade – You know that the reciprocating saw will not be effective without the right blade. The blade that you are going to pick will be essential. Some blades will allow you to cut through more objects with ease.
 Work Gloves – You need something that will help you become comfortable even through the impact you would be exposing yourself to.

Now that you already know the basic things that you need in order to make using the reciprocating saw easier and more effective, you have to know how you are going to use it. Most people who have used this power tool say that their reason for purchasing this is because they realized that they would like to do more DIY projects around the house.
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Unlike other saws, the reciprocating saw does not offer any safety features. Some of the things that you should not do with it are already obvious. You are not supposed to cut another human with your saw but what else do you have to remember so that you will be safe?

 Try to avoid kickback because you might lose your grip on the saw and might cause an accident. Remember that the reciprocating saw is very powerful and can cut through a wide variety of materials.
 You need to be physically strong to use this tool. There will be times when you have to use all of your muscle power to keep the saw in place.
 Wait for the tool to stop completely before you put it up otherwise you are putting yourself at risk.

Now that you know how to keep yourself safe, you may be rearing to know what is a reciprocating saw used for?

The Configurations of the Reciprocating Saw

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There are different configurations that you have to consider so that you can pick the right saw. You may want to think about the following:

 Size – Some reciprocating saws are small while some are big. You have to pick the one that you will be most comfortable with.
 Corded or Cordless – You are recommended to pick corded if you are going to stay in one area and if you would try to finish one project in a certain amount of time. A cordless reciprocating saw is needed if you are going to use it to prune trees or to cut through various materials in different parts of your home wherein you may not have access to the power outlet.
 Tool Weight – How much can you carry especially if you are going to do big projects?
 Cut – How does the blade cut? Does it cut upwards or does it cut in reverse?
 Body of the Saw – There are different designs regarding the body of the saw.
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The Best Uses of the Reciprocating Saw

Now that you have an idea regarding the basics of the reciprocating saw, what is the reciprocating saw used for? Here are some ideas that you can do around your home:

1.Cut Through Pins and Nails

You may not realize that some of the items that you are cutting through still has some pins and nails that you were unable to remove before using your reciprocating saw. Do not worry because reciprocating saws are known to cut through nails and pins without having to pull them out. When cutting through nails and pins, use the saw to cut the head so that the rest of the items will be removed.

2.Creating Indentation on Walls

When was the last time that you have remodeled your home? You may have forgotten that you need to create some indentations on the walls for the wiring. It would not be possible with the use of other tools. You need to use your reciprocating saw for that. This will be best used when you have some odd angles on your walls that you have to work with.

3.Cutting Through PVC Piping

It has already been mentioned earlier that you can use the reciprocating saw in order to cut through pipes. If you need to cut your old PVC piping, your reciprocating saw is the best tool to use. You will not be able to reach the pipes with the use of normal saws so this is truly the best one for you to choose. You know that making changes with the use of the pipe will be easy to accomplish.
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4.Fixing Window Issues

If you are doing some changes with your home’s design, there will be moments when you have to remove windows or change up the place where you are going to put it in. Since the place where windows are placed are usually enclosed and tight, you will have no problem trying to fix those hard to reach areas.

5.Cutting Through Tree Branches

It is obvious at this point that the reciprocating saw can be used to cut through a lot of different things and tree branches can be cut well too. The reciprocating saw is durable so unlike other saws that may stall while being used to cut, this is powerful enough to cut through various materials with ease. An alternative to using a reciprocating saw is the axe but if you already have a reciprocating saw, why would you bother using the axe? It will take you far longer to finish your task.

6.Used for Your Flooring

Are you going to cut through your laminated flooring? Perhaps you need the right sized tiles for some areas around your home? You do not need to worry about cutting these materials because your reciprocating saw is powerful enough to make things possible. A reciprocating saw can cut up and down and even left to right. You can use it not only for your flooring but also for your ceiling and roof.

Do you still want to ask what is a reciprocating saw used for after learning the things that it can do? The things that are mentioned above are just some of the uses. They are not the only things that your saw can do. You are free to share other tasks that you have done with your reciprocating saw so that other people will know other jobs around their home that they can use it for. When you choose the best reciprocating saw, you will not have any issues.